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Important Dates

Posted over 8 years ago by Rachel Wunsch

Hi everyone. Please review some important dates for upcoming events. If you have any questions please call or text me any time. We really appreciate your support!

October 2 (Sunday) - 8:00am - 11:30am Blood Glucose checks at Our Lady of Sorrows. We need NPs to discuss the abnormals - which will be brief because our goal is to tell them to f/u with their provider if they have one AND come to the STOP Diabetes Day on Nov. 12th for education/other screens. If you can only work 1 or 2 hours that would be wonderful! 

November 12 (Saturday) - 10am - 2:00pm STOP Diabetes Day. We are working with the ADA on this event and plan to screen 800 people for Diabetes (WOW....we screened 126 last year at VANPs event in the mall and we were busy)...We need NPs and nurses there to help run booths (Prevention, Complications, Management, Community Resources, Healthy Children, BMI measurement, etc.). It consists of giving handouts, educating them on your booth topic, and answering their questions...If you are not comfortable with this I can still use you in another capacity. If we can get enough volunteers we can split the shifts 10-12 and 12-2.... 

March 9 (Friday night) - VANP Fundraiser - We are going to liven it up this year and need some bright new ideas from everyone. We discussed a live auction??? Please send your ideas to Jean Gisler via email at

None of these events are possible without YOU and each of you are an important part of our group. Students are always welcome.

Joy Holladay
VANP President 



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