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Dr. Joy Holladay RN, DNP, FNP awarded NP of the Year 2011

Posted over 8 years ago by Rachel Wunsch

VANP President, Dr. Joy Holladay RN, DNP, FNP awarded NP of the Year 2011

The South Texas Foundation for Nursing Excellence (STFNE) Annual Nurse Practitioner Recognition Dinner was held last night. The big event of the evening was announcing the NP of the Year award. Dr. Joy Holladay was the recipient of the award. Joy was nominated by her office nurse, Ngoc Duran RN, BSN. Joy was selected by the board of the STFNE based on criteria and the nomination letter submitted by Ngoc. The NP of the Year demonstrates excellence as a nurse practitioner and serves as a role model for other NPs and the nursing profession in general. Joy has made a significant contribution to the improvement of care for the community and continues to do so.

VANP is extremely proud to have Dr. Holladay as President and we certainly know she is deserving of NP of the Year!

Congratulations Dr. Joy Holladay!!!!


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