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Check Out Our NEW Group Photo!!!

Posted about 7 years ago by Rachel Wunsch

VANP members:

Our new group photo is now up on our website! I think it looks awesome. Let me know what you all think....share your comments!!! :-)

A big thanks to Andrew Keller at ENP Network for updating our photo.

Rachel Wunsch RN, DNP, FNP-C


ENP Admin almost 7 years ago

What a great photo, its honestly one of the best we've seen in this industry and were happy we could help..!

Joy Holladay almost 7 years ago

Wow! Looks wonderful. Thank you to ENP Network and our fabulous Editor Rachel for keeping our website up to date....

Susan Minello almost 7 years ago

Wonderful photo! How come Rachel and Lisa never age?

Heidi Mansy almost 7 years ago

Looks great! I hope to be it the picture soon :-) Heidi Mansy, RN, FNP Student

Rachel Wunsch almost 7 years ago

Sue, Thanks for the compliment! Hope you are doing well :-)
Heidi, We look forward to you being in the photo too!!! Soonly! :-)

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