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Happy Nurse Practitioner Week!!! :-)

Posted over 8 years ago by Rachel Wunsch


Happy Nurse Practitioner Week!

Joy Holladay, VANP Chair, would like to share the following with you all…”Thank you to each of you for your commitment to the profession and your dedication to providing safe effective care on a daily basis!!!”

National NP week is a time for recognition of the contributions that NPs make on a “daily basis” the lives of their patients and communities. Part of VANP's mission is to promote awareness of NPs in our community through various activities and events. One of the ways VANP has helped build awareness  for NP Week is through the placement of our group photo in the local paper along with a description of the NP profession. We hope that each of you has heard some positive feedback. We would like to hear your comments on any feedback you may have received on the public announcement. Please feel free to comment on how you personally celebrated NP week :-)

Rachel Wunsch RN, DNP, FNP-C


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